Why is my printer offline? How to Troubleshoot It?Why is my printer offline? How to Troubleshoot It?

 I am unable to print the documents because my printer appearing offline. Why is my printer offline and how can I fix it?  

Reasons that your printer is appearing offline involves; hardware and software issues.  However, Windows offers a variety of troubleshooting solutions that can help to bring printers back online like; inbuilt troubleshooter programs and online guides. But, if all this stuff is not also helping you with the ‘why is my printer offline’  problem, read the post and proceed with the instructions to get the issue resolved quickly.

Power cycle the devices

The first and foremost thing you need to do before you get into the settings of your printer is; restart your printer and computer. Most of the time, is simple restart is all you need to fix the problem.  Turn off your printer and computer, wait for a few minutes, and then turn on the devices again. Now, connect to the network and start printing the documents right away.

 Common Hardware Connection Issues

Check the hardware. Unless you are using a Wi-Fi printer, your device must be connected to a computer with a suitable USB cable.  The loose or broken cable could be the reason that your device is appearing offline. Also, if you are using a wireless printer; it must be in the range of the network with no object in a way that may create obstacles.

Check the power supply

Your device must be connected to the power outlet for smooth functioning. Check if the printer’s light is on;  in case not, you need to hit the power button. Check the cables and make sure that they are properly plugged into the power outlet. If you have connected the device to the power strip, then you need to check and make sure that strip is connected to the power supply and turned on.

Update the printer driver in software

Another possible reason behind the ‘printer is offline’ error is the outdated printer driver in software. Drivers are the small piece of code that printers and computer operating systems use to interact with each other. If your printer drivers are incompatible, outdated, are corrupted; you need to update them now to the latest version available. You can visit the printer’s official website and check for the latest driver updates. Also, if you got an installation CD with your device, you can use the CD to install the necessary software on your computer.

After connecting your printer to the computer and network, you can start printing the documents. But, sometimes the problem like printer offline error occur and hamper the user experience.  If you are also struggling to know ‘why is my printer offline’,  this post can help you. Here,  we have shared all the important instructions that can follow to resolve the issue and change the settings of your printer from offline to online.  Once your printer is online again,  you can start printing the documents.